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Managed by voluntary emergency communications officers throughout South Australia.
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What's New (on this website)

This page will list changes to this website.  You may need to refresh your screen (F5 on some desktop browsers) before you see any changes.  This is because some WEB browsers may retain older versions of the WEB page in memory, to speed up loading times.

Date           Change
20/08/2020    Updated email addresses to reflect .org.au address format.
                     Added 'page not found' landing page if 404 error occured.

08/03/2020    Added software download of the "Emergency Radio Responder".  The file is called CrestAssist.exe.  Once the program
                     is downloaded, you can install the software to your PC.  New updates can be downloaded directly from the application

17/10/2019    Added world-wide CB call channels to tab on CB channel usage page.

12/10/2019    Added 27MHz propagation chart on Home page.
                     Corrected spelling
                    Added SA weather warnings to website.  On a PC hit [Ctrl] + [Alt] + [t] (on the home page) to view test alert.

23/09/2019    Added 24 x 7 x 365 operational hours text to footer.

12/09/2019     Added stats counter to home page.
                      Added a guest book via the 'Get Involved' menu.
                      Added an events calendar via the 'Get Involved' menu.
                      Started development of the members' area.  Contact your operations executive for the password.
                     Member benefits page added.
                     Added a document download area - within Members Area.
                     Added a software download area - within Members Area.
                      Added voting panel on home page.

11/09/2019     Added CB Channel Usage (under the Services main menu).
                      Pictures in 2019 AGM updated (backgrounds removed).
                      Some pages which said 'click here to ...' have been activated.
                      This 'what's new' page has been added.

When everything else fails, radio communicatons continue...

Contact Us: 0437 070 872

Click here to email the Duty Officer
Updated: March 2020
Operational Hours  Monday-Friday: 12:00am-11:59pm | Weekends: 12:00am-11:59pm

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